AFD is a non-government, independent organization, not affiliated to any religious, political or individual ideology and was officially registered with the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on May 3rd, 2006 and the latest amended on April 19th, 2017. AFD has continued working with vulnerable households and communities reliant on natural resources as their main source of livelihood in natural resource and environment management, climate change adaptation and disaster resilience. The themes of gender equity and good governance are cross-cutting themes integral to all projects.
AFD works in partnership with civil society groups and local authorities, specializing in providing grass-roots education, training, practical skills and building capacity within the communities to increase democratic influence on decision-making and improving family livelihoods.

The AFD team consists of a core group of committed paid and volunteer staff from diverse backgrounds with many years of practical experience working on developmental issues facing Cambodians. The AFD Board provides oversight and guidance for the effective operation of the organization and continuous improvement.

Vision: Participate protect biodiversity and use natural resources sustainably for improving livelihood
Mission: Participate communities to strengthen knowledge on natural resource management, biodiversity and improve livelihoods

Goal: To secure and ensure the rights of natural resource dependent communities in relation to government policies and as reflected in their improved standard of living
Core Values: Transparency, Accountability, Participation, Equality, and Honesty

Strategic Issues
Kampong Thom and Preah Vihear provinces are Cambodia’s second-largest province located centrally between Siem Reap province and Phnom Penh City, with a boundary to the Tonle Sap Lake and boarder of Loa and Thailand countries. The reliance on natural resources within these provinces is high, with 91% identifying agriculture as their main source of income generation. The natural resource dependent communities are highly vulnerable to the climate change impacts, changing land use within the province, and natural disasters including drought and flooding.

The community-based organizations managing the forestry, fisheries and protected areas resources are not empowered or functional to protect their lands and resources, or to support livelihood. Many of the communities lack relevant skills including sustainable agriculture practices, biodiversity protection, knowledge of the laws, governance and negotiating skills, etc.

Geographic focus
AFD works with 357 villages, 48 communes, 4 districts (Prasat Balang, Baray and Sandan) in Kampong Thom province and Chaom Ksan district in Preah Vihear Province. Currently working with 56 CFs, 10 CPAs, 6 CFis, 1 AC, 105 saving groups, 1 safe water, 2 honey groups, home garden and commercial.

AFD Program Focus
The focus of AFD’s work is within three key program areas critical to vulnerable communities, with the strong integration of two cross-cutting themes.


Main Activities

  • 56 Communities (Community Forestry, Community Fishery, Community Protected Area) to ownership,
  • 570 Home Gardening and Horticulture Nutrition to women and children, Saving, Honey, Safe water, Resin, Technical agriculture,
  • Respond to Emergency and Recovery of disaster,
  • Improve women empower and economic to resilience with climate change
  • Improve good governance on land and natural resource management by networking,
  • 113 Saving for Changes/ Saving groups
  • Improve Social Accountability on Commune, Health and Education services.


2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
128,704.37$ $95,871.03$ 244,066.79$ 292,902.57$ 125,197.50$ 50,460.82$ 29,378.00$

AFD’s beneficiaries are the poorest households, women, children, and vulnerability in natural resource-dependent communities from the seasonally flooded Tonle Sap Lake inundation zone to the communities vulnerable to disasters and climate change in Kampong Thom and Preah Vihear provinces. AFD integrates inclusive gender and minority groups within all program planning’s and activities. Increasing women’s participation in natural resource community-based organizations and improving small business networks is a particular focus on program design and implementation activities.

In order to ensure the community beneficiaries had smoothly holistic development, AFD play an important role to work as partners with community based organizations like community forestry, community fishery, community protected area, women business groups (saving, chicken and water), NTFP group (honey, resin and bamboo) and in co-operation with government Sub-National level to improve their living conditions. Currently, more than a thousand families got benefit from AFD.

AFD has 14 years’ experiences in natural resource and environment management, disaster preparedness, climate change responses, livelihood support, good governance, and gender. The team has extensive knowledge of the challenges confronting the community-based organizations, development, and management of natural resources and agriculture resilience with climate change in Cambodia.

AFD actively engages with stakeholders CSO, NGO, private sector and Academic, and builds relationships between communities and local authorities.

Organizational structure
AFD’s Board of Directors met quarterly to monitor the organization progress, provide strategic guidance to the Executive Director and identify opportunities for improvement. The AFD Management Team (comprising managers at AFD) meet monthly to track progress and challenges on activities to work plans and budgets by use QuickBooks system and internal financial controlling by excel.

About Staff

  • Board 5 (1 female)
  • Staff 20 (14 female)

Past Donors

  • and Winrock International, Oxfam GB, CWS, AJWS, DeD, CEPF, and TAF. USAID-AVRDC/WorldVeg’s, World Vision International-Cambodia (2017-2018)

Current Donors

  • UNDP (2018-2019)
  • HEIFER (2018-2021)
  • OXFAM (2017-2021)
  • South Korea-FA
  • Cambodia Korea REDD+ (2018)

Break for the World-VBNK (2019-2021)

AFD recognizes the importance of establishing networks and alliances to improve access to information, research and training opportunities for staff. AFD is a member of international, national and sub-national bellow:


Our activities


  • Chom Nat

    Chom Nat

    Ms. Chum Nat is an Admin and HR manager and Management Team of AFD. She graduated bachelor degree on Accountant with ACI in Kampong Thom province.

  • Chan Monyrath

    Chaimain of Board Director

  • Heang Siving

    Project Assistan

  • Ith Sokhann

    Project Officer

  • Keat Tanghorn

    Projrct Officer

  • Lim Vey MT

    Program Manager of livelihood and Food Security

  • Ren Sinat

    Project Assistan

  • Sok Vanna

    Project Manager

  • Som Neang

    Finance Manager

  • Som Sopheak

    Som Sopheak

    Mr.Som Sopheak is currently an Executive Director of Action For Development Organization (AFD). His background master of management specialization from Angkor City Institute (ACI).

  • Youn Senghor

    Youn Senghor

    Ms. Senghor is a program manager of Livelihood and Food Security for AFD. She is management team representative of staff and gender focal pion.