Action For Development Organization (AFD) is a non-government, independent, not affiliated to any religious, political or individual ideology, established on February 23rd, 2004, officially registered with the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on May 3rd, 2006 and the latest amended on January 26th, 2022.

Our legal registrations include with MoI (No 553); Department of Taxation: B106-901900301; USAID-DUNS: 65969980; EU-PADOR: KH-2011-CHM-1407628180; NSSF: 1005659 ch; and Financial Repot: LO-0000042.

AFD’s works covers some provinces include Kampong Thom, Preash Vihear and Kampong Cham with focusing area on management of natural resources, disaster risk reduction/humanitarian, social protection, women and youth leadership empowerment through strengthening capacity of the communities and vulnerable poor, young women entrepreneurs, women with disability and youth on skills and knowledge they need and coordination  with relevant stakeholders (government line departments, local authorities, community and donors) to formalizing the community-based organizations (CBOs) such as community forest, community-based eco-tourism, agriculture cooperatives and groups.

AFD commits to consistently provide responsive supports to the target communities through recruiting core members with extensive experiences in transformational community development, with diverse backgrounds, and seeking closer oversight of and strategic guidance from the Board of Directors.

Over the years, AFD reflected on its organizational capacity (strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvements) as well as the real needs of the target communities, and has finally decided that in order to accomplish the 5-Year Strategic Plan (2020-2024) more effectively, the Vision, Mission, Goal, Core Values, Identity, and Slogan have to be revised:


The local communities are empowered to use right-based approach for preserving biodiversity in equitable use of natural resources and good governance toward building climate resilience for better livelihoods.


AFD works in partnership with relevant stakeholder to enhance community capacity in natural resource management, equitable climate resilience and good governance.


To promote environmentally friendly and community livelihoods inclusive.

Core Values

We are accountable with transparency, and fully involvement in learning from each other through equality.


AFD is a leading local NGO in environmental protection, gender, good governance and climate change by encouraging the communities’ ability, experiences, skills of communities and stakeholders for a better community livelihood.


Together for better community development and natural resource conservation.

Geographical Areas

Our Beneficiaries

AFD works with community forestry, community fishery, community protected area, community-based tourism, agricultural cooperatives, women producer groups and saving groups, especially those who are negatively affected by disasters and climate change. Our special focus places on venerable groups such as indigenous people, people with disabilities, women/youth and migration.  

Priority Strategic Issues

From its thorough reflection process conducted with key stakeholders such as local authorities, target communities, NGO partners, donors and government officials at the provincial level, AFD has identified the following strategic issues to be tackled with: 

  1. Degradation forest and biodiversity;
  2. Limited capacity and alternative livelihood to improve income generation;
  3. Local production unable to supply market demand (low productivities);
  4. Limited of capacity of community to adapt with disaster and climate change;
  5. Gender Inequality (decision making and economic empowerment); and
  6. Natural/social injustice and inequality of government service delivery.

Our Strategies

To respond to the strategic issues identified, AFD has developed its 5-Year Strategic Plan (2020-2024) with the following objectives that will contribute to the work of the government, development partners, private sector, academics and other stakeholders who are working within the same target areas: 

  1. Improvement of natural resource and environmental, biodiversity and watershed management to increase climate resilience of the local communities.
  2. Participation to increase local economic, food security and income generation of the local community.
  3. Improve good governance and gender equality through women and youth participation in social development; and
  4. Capacity development and awareness raising.

Our Expertise

AFD has 18 years of experience working in natural resource and environment management, Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation Activities, Livelihoods improvement, strengthening Good Governance (ISAF and Social protection) and promoting gender equality and youth leadership for sustainable natural resource management and socio-economic rights (SER) and right base approach (RBA) and safe migration. The team has extensive knowledge and expertise of the challenges faced by the community-based organizations, development and management of natural resources, and building climate change resiliency for communities in Cambodia.

To hold itself accountable to the beneficiaries and donors, AFD has set up strong management structure with clear roles and responsibilities, transparent accounting systems (QuickBooks) and Monitoring Evaluation Accountability Learning (MEAL) Framework.

To contribute to the livelihoods of the communities in a more sustainable and comprehensive way, AFD actively engages with a wide range of experts including Civil Society Organizations, Non-Government Organizations, private sector, Academics, and national and sub-national government officials.

Management Structure

Board Director: The governing body consists of 5 members including 4 males 1 female. The governing body conducts regular quarterly meetings to monitor AFD’s performance and to provide strategic advice for betterment of the operations. Field visits become crucial mechanism for the governing body to validate the performance of AFD on the ground by talking to different individual staff, beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Management Team: Currently, AFD has 18 staff (12 females). The AFD Management Team is comprised of 5 members. They meet monthly to discuss progresses, agree on action plans and explore solutions tracking challenges faced. Results of the meetings usually are the detailed workplan with clear roles and responsibilities of every individual and budget allocations.

Membership with the Networks

AFD is a member of international, national and sub-national including CCC, NGOF, CHF, HANET, IUCN, WATERKEEPER ALIENCE, NCNK, ALiSEA, ISAF-C, PCCPCC, A4EP, NEAR, CamboDHRRA, NGO Resiliency Program, GWCN, PWG-FSN, PWG-CP.

Our activities


  • Ms.Chu Nat

    Ms.Chu Nat

    Admin and HR manager and Management Team 15 years with AFD. She graduated bachelor degree on Accountant.

  • Mr.Chan Monnyrath

    Mr.Chan Monnyrath

    Chair of Board Director respond with governance and accountability with organization, beneficiaries, stakeholder and Donors.

  • Mr.Lim Vey

    Mr.Lim Vey

    Program Manager of Good Governance and Gender 10 years with AFD. He graduated bachelor on Management and English Literature.

  • Ms.Som Neang

    Ms.Som Neang

    Finance Manager 8 year with AFD. She graduated Bachelor Degree of Finance and Accounting from Vanda Institute and experiences Quick Book System.

  • Som Sopheak

    Som Sopheak

    Mr.Som Sopheak is currently an Executive Director of Action For Development Organization (AFD). His background master of management specialization from Angkor City Institute (ACI).

  • Youn Senghor

    Youn Senghor

    Ms. Senghor is a program manager of Livelihood and Food Security for AFD. She is management team representative of staff and gender focal pion.

  • Miss.Laura durandd

    Miss.Laura durandd

    Foreiner volunteer with AFD. She respond with fundraising and organizational development. 

  • Mis.Hong Roitha

    Mis.Hong Roitha

    Voice Chair of Board Director, respond with fundraising and proposal development.

  • Mr.Chhueng Soviriya

    Mr.Chhueng Soviriya

    Board Member respond with Natural Resource and Environmental management.

  • Mr.Ou Dara

    Mr.Ou Dara

    Board Member respond with Financial Management.

  • Mr.Chiv Bunthy

    Mr.Chiv Bunthy

    Board Member respond with Admin and HR management.

  • Ms.Saing SreyLeak

    Ms.Saing SreyLeak

    Project Manager of MKL in Kampong Cham province

  • Mr.Path Vandin

    Mr.Path Vandin

    Project Manager of NRM&E in Kampong Thom and Preash Vihear province.

  • Miss.Seang Sody

    Miss.Seang Sody

    Monitoring and Evaluation and COM officer