AFD Cambodia has designed 4 key thematic areas which are the combination of 3 key programs that are critical to address the needs of the vulnerable communities, and 2 cross-cutting themes:


Natural Resource and

Environment Management


Livelihood & Food Security


Good Governance and Gender equality


Capacity Development

Our Thematic Programs

1-Natural Resource Management (NRM)

  • Community Development (CF, CPA, CFi, WUG & CBET);
  • Land Management & Human Right Base Approach (HRBA); and
  • Climate Change Resilience focus on mitigation and adaptation to resilience with disaster.

2-Livelihoods and Food Security (LFS)

  • Agricultural Cooperative (AC);
  • Producer group: animal raising (chicken), home gardening (vegetable), cash crop production (cassava and cashew, Rice); community-based enterprise (rattan & bamboo), Aquaculture (fish);
  • Business and Market Links;
  • Nutrition, Wash and Hygiene;
  • Youth Entrepreneurship.

3-Gender and Good governance

  • Gender Equality: Women and Youth empowerment to decision making in families and community.
  • Service Quality: accountable, responding community need (ISAF), and Social Protection

4-Capacity Development

  • Organizational assessment; and
  • Capacity development plan and implementation


Our activities