The Implementation Social Accountability Framework project (ISAF-II): The goal of project is Engaging Citizens to Improve Service Delivery through Social Accountability (ISAF II) project objective is to improve the performance of public service providers through improved transparency, strengthened citizen engagement and responsive action in Cambodia. ISAF-II is implemented through the annual series of facilitated, participatory activities at community level that include: (i) enhancing citizen access to information about public service standards, performance and budgets, (ii) independent citizen-led monitoring and assessment of public services, and (iii) the creation and implementation of agreed Joint Accountability Action Plans (JAAPs) to improve public service delivery (with particular attention to the needs of marginalized groups). These actions are supported by project staff from AFD and World Vision provided the refresher training M1 and M2 to CAF each commune and district to implement ISAF cycle. Funded by World Bank & World Vision International Cambodia. 


Climate change project in Kampong Thom:  The goal of this project is to reduce carbon emissions from agroforestry exploitation in 8 CFs and 1 CPA in Kampong Thom Province. The promotion of sustainable and alternative livelihoods is very important. The target area consists of 8 CFs and 1 CPA within 9 villages in the communes of Salavisei commune, Prasat Balangk District, Kampong Thom Province. Eight (8) CFs and 1 CPA include Kanseng Veal, BuslaPheak, BusYeay Ngeb, OrAngkunThom, OrSomOrPongRong, OrKhlaDek, Tropeang Kbalkhmouch, and Choam Mrech. There are direct and indirect beneficiaries for this program, 850 CF/CPA members of which are 50% of female and 8,768 people in target villages of which 40% are women. Many activities have been organized with GALS to develop community management. All these activities have been evaluated and monitored. The aim is to increase accountability of community people. Funded by OXFAM.


WE Act Project: AFD participate at several projects focusing on empowering youth and young women entrepreneurs to promote responsive governance and entrepreneurship. The association works with Sangkat youth networks and youth-led agriculture cooperatives to improve the youth engagement in rural development. In first, the goal is to increase capacity development. 320 young people have improved skills and knowledge on leadership. For that, many formations and coaching have been organized with the community members. In second times, the youth networking has been expanded. Therefore, 4 networks have been created and encouraged to participate to local governance processes. In addition, one of agriculture cooperative was created and certificate by the Provincial department of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. The aim is to expand the engagement of youth and the support for people without identity papers. Funded by USAID-Pact Cambodia.


Empowering youth Leadership to improve communities’ development Inclusive (ELI) project. This project focusing on social development for the young people. This project is about the empowering youth leadership to improve communities ‘development inclusive. The target area is Kampong Cham. For the project several activities, coaching and lessons have been organized with the different communities in Kampong Cham. Specific problems include youth and drugs, child marriage, youth migration, environmental and climate change, right to election, drop school, youth leadership and currently lack constructive dialogue platform that enables youth to participate in civic engagement. The challenges are to build capacity of youth people, such as civic engagement, social security and safety and leadership. For that, we encouraged youth to act as community youth reporters to inform the stakeholders on all issues and problems and share it through social media. The beneficiaries of this program consist of 50% youth women with ages of 15 to 30 years old who are still studying in high school and university. They are a group of youth with a lack of household income and are living in municipalities and remote areas. 100 youths and relevant stakeholders including in this project to address their challenges and promote youth participation at sub-national level. 80% of youth improved their skills in leadership and their communication with relevant stakeholders. Funded by Child Dream Association (CDA). 



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